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Why do businesses need a website

Watch the video or read the transcript below:

It’s very common for businesses to think they don’t need a website, especially service based businesses, with new or ongoing work coming from word of mouth, social media or contracting through other businesses; it can seem like there is no need for having a website.

In contrast, businesses who do have a website enjoy many benefits, such as better work, better customers and almost always, higher revenue. Find out more on how good website design can help your business.

We bet you’ve thought about getting a website, or upgrading your current website, but hesitated to take action because ether you didn’t know a designer, thought it be too expensive or maybe you had a bad experience with a previous designer, well here at Web Design Geelong, we’re here to alleviate all those hesitations.


We’ve created 3 different packages for web design, so all businesses small to medium can get a website at an affordable cost; it all depends on what stage your business is at. But no matter what size your business is now, even if you just started it today, all businesses need a website, times have changed, your potential customers want you to be online, so get online!


It doesn’t end when the websites live either; we take pride in developing a long term working relationship with each of our clients. Passing the website over to you and walking away is not our style. You can choose for us to manage your website or you can manage it yourself, but either way we’re only a phone call away. If you need anything in the future, even if it’s just a question, Web Design Geelong is here to help.

Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew

Web Designer - Owner of WDG