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Bring your business an authentic edge with Website Photography


$ 600
  • 1-2 Hour Session
  • 1 Location
  • Corporate head shot included
  • 20 final files included


$ 1000
  • 1-2 Hour Session
  • 1 Location
  • Corporate head shot included
  • 50 final files included
  • Team photos included
  • 2 Outfit changes


$ 1300
  • 1-2 Hour Session
  • 1 Location
  • Corporate head shot included
  • 100 final files included
  • Team photos included
  • 4 Outfit changes

Why would I need professional photography for my website?

Taking the time to have your own photos done by a professional can really transform what you’re trying to do and help you get your message across. Branded photos can only come from having a professional take them, such as Web Design Geelong, making them unique and authentic to you and your business alone.

The benefits of professional photo's for your website

Strive for originality

Most of your potential clients are ‘image-savvy’, which means that they can easily identify a stock photo when they see one. That’s why you should always try to be more original by having a professional take new photos instead of relying on stock images.

Quality Counts

Poorly taken photographs are instant deal-killers for your potential clients. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to invest in quality high-definition images by hiring a Professional Photographer.

Trigger an emotional response

Evoking an emotional response has always played a part in the purchasing process of any item. Ensure you use images that will provoke a positive response that will guide your clients to make the decision to purchase.


·        Stock photos do lack authenticity.

In this day and age, digital marketing has become more about reducing the doubt, uncertainty, and fear for potential clients. Before making that purchase for a stock photo, you should ask your self, aren’t you going counter to your digital marketing goals, which is to increase trust and authority. Would you hire a plumber that looked like a supermodel, photoshoped to the max…or would you trust a website business picture of a genuine looking plumber working on the job.

·        Stock photos have lower conversion rates.

Many digital marketing studies have shown that real website photography converts better as compared to using stock images. Two Examples include:

1 – A financial solution company, saw a 35% increase in the number of online signups once they removed a stock image and replaced it with a founder’s picture.

2 – A moving company saw a 45% increase in the number of quotes once they changed a stock photo on their website and decided to use a photo of their own truck.

·        Anyone can buy stock images.

When creating a website, many business owners want to create a website that will promote their brands. What better way to do that than showcasing your uniqueness and standing out from the competitors who are using stock images by having your own images taken by a professional. See Web Design Geelong for your website photography solution.