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The right approach to logo design would be to have a clear visualization of who the target audience is, engaging some proper forethought and finally planning. That way, you will get the perfect symbol that identifies the business and communicates its product or service more effectively to the customer. If your unsure your business needs a logo, take a look below as Web Design Geelong explains why all businesses need logo designs.


A logo symbolizes an organization. A logo design can be used to represent an organization in their signs, advertising material, and letterhead for easy recognition. A logo is not the brand or visual identity. A logo design will not sell the products or services per se, and it also rarely gives an in-depth description of what the business does. It identifies (as we find in website design), rather than explain. Hence, the concept of having functional design services cannot be overemphasized.

As in graphic design, say a design website or graphic design, it is important that you pay attention to, and ensure that there is no misinterpretation of the business in the branding procedure. To create a top-notch branding for a website, avoid the following pitfalls:

•             Scalability and simplicity defects

•             Insufficient or over-wordy logo

•             Use of stock images

•             Multicolored 3D logos

•             Bad fonts

•             Imitating other businesses

•             Following trends

1 – Understanding the reason and purpose for a logo

Achieving a great graphic design demands absolute comprehension of the reason and purpose for which you need one. Whether it is for a website, to increase brand identity, to participate in the social media world, or for other reasons, a design agency is responsible for taking advantage of the digital space and using it to serve its clients.


2 – Getting inspiration for the design

You can now dig deep into what could inspire the branding process. You can get inspiration from competitors, online sources, and very importantly, social media. These are some primary sources of inspiration from which one can harness the supreme ideals of branding for website or other purposes.


3 – Conveying the brand’s essence

Conveying the essence of the brand would enable you to tell clients why your brand is special. In turn, this would exude confidence and meaning on part of its intended audience and clients. Ensure you understand the brand thoroughly before engaging a designer in the development.


4 – Giving it an impeccable choice of style

The choice of style is a crucial decision to make when designing for a website or branding a business. This is why every design agency or marketing team working on similar projects will more often than not delve into the wealth of the digital space to achieve an eye-catching and salesy website. Some common types of logo styles are wordmarks, brandmarks, combination marks, emblems, and letter marks.


5 – Making sure it transmits the business name

You can tell the complete story with a single image. While some could pull off a brandmark-style kind of logo, a business that is not yet a household name should steer clear of this. Besides, unless there is opium of recognition, your business name is important and must be included to build necessary connections with your target audience.


6 – Giving it the appropriate color combination or scheme

According to studies, every business can enhance their brand recognition by up to 80% with the right color. With the right proportion of color, you can bring your graphic design, website design and development creative efforts to life as long as you can contain the key characteristics of the business proportionately. This will involve branding your business such that it suits the purpose of the project, and ultimately delivers in terms of appearance because customers find it impeccable and amazing.